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They are speaking a lot about the world. Practice reading and writing across different themes.


We focus on preparation for school and program to advance school material. The system is based on the Singapore math program and books and Montessori enrichment materials.


Kids this age will increase their musical learning and work at a more difficult level. They will combine auditory and vocal learning to master new ideas. Kids continue to study notes and altearation.


We offer the unique opportunity to learn and play chess!

The game of chess increases problem solving abilities and teaches strategy development and overall increases cognitive development. 

Five-year-olds are ready to learn about how the world works and  ready to study.

During class children become acquainted with fine literary works, painting, music, and dance. They are given countless opportunities for improvisation and perspective on the assigned topics. The child receives information about the beauty that already exists and gets the opportunity to test his or her own strengths using newly learned knowledge and finding new means to do so.

At this age self expression is extremely important and it could be developed to its fullest potential through discipline and education.

Most importantly children begin to strive for personal success.

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