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2.5-3.5 years old

Enjoy using their senses and motor skills to explore the world and are highly curious about unfamiliar objects, events and phenomena. They can solve simple problems with the "trial and error" method and will practice an activity many times to master it. Children this age also pretend more during play, using familiar objects and situations to process their daily experiences.

Toddlers build a strong vocabulary at a very quick rate. They enjoy naming and discussing everything that they see. At this age they are ready to be apart from their parents for a short period of time given an interesting environment and the proper adult supervision. They are ready to spend time and converse with other children of their age group.

Our Classes

Each Session is 15-20 minutes long, which challenges the attention span of toddlers.



Language Arts

Children at this age are laying the groundwork for reading and writing. They enjoy having books read to them and may pretend to "read" as they independently look through familiar books. Two-year-olds can sing the A-B-C song, but they don't yet understand that the letter names correspond to specific graphic designs. 

Here we facilitate conversations on a variety of topics to develop new vocabulary and word memory.

Mathematics and Logic               

Children learn about values, basic shapes, colors and numbers.

Classes are based on different methods of early development.

We use mobile and board games to develop motor skills, memory

and logical thinking.

Our Montessori teaching style allows the children to move around to different stations, they are not required to sit in one place the whole time!

Music and Movement

Toddlers also use their motor skills to explore the creative arts. They make sounds by banging and shaking instruments and household items. They enjoy dancing, doing finger plays and acting out chants and songs. Children this age are also gaining control over their voices and will join in singing their favorite songs. 


During art class, they enjoy the sensory pleasures of the art materials and focus on the process of creating art, rather than the final product. They have a chance to explore new textures and projects and expand their imagination.


Having their works displayed all around the day care brings them pride and they cannot wait to impress their parents with them!

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